Décoration d'intérieur

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 You are expatriates, transferred, far from your property and are investing in a property in Paris. You have bought an apartment that needs to be furnished and decorated. You don’t have time and need the advice of a interior designer expert. I offer you my services. 

These solutions are made for you. 


You have a property to develop. You are far from Paris and cannot handle it. My mission is to organize everything: choice, purchase of furniture and accessories up to the reception and installation.

If you are planning to do cooling or electrical work, I can assist you in the follow-up of the work.

Your property will be ready to be rented or inhabited according your wishes.


You need assistance to design your interior harmoniously. You would like the advice of an expert to offer you a choice of furniture, decorative items, storage, lighting…. 

I know which stores meet your needs and will offer you a harmonious choice of furniture and accessories.

Your interior will be transformed.

Having been an expatriate for many years, I am well aware of the situation of being far away. Often in expatriation real estate investments are made more difficult because you are not on the spot and you cannot visit the properties yourself. You therefore need to surround yourself with trustworthy people such as a property hunter, then an interior decorator for the development of the property. You may also need craftsmen to renovate your property.

It is with all my energy that I want to help you in your projects.


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