You are expatriates and own a property in Paris that you wish to have fitted out and decorated. Because of the distance, you don’t have time to do it and don’t know how to decorate it. Your property is intended for rent and you want to rent it “furnished”. Perhaps you are considering living in it or having it as a pied-à-terre. You are looking for someone you trust to take care of them without doing anything or even moving around.
So you’re looking for the “rare pearl”.
However, I am perfectly aware of the needs and concerns of expatriates following my personal experience of expatriation (…read more).
Then I propose you a panel of solutions to decorate your property. For any other request, please contact me for a quote.



Choice, purchase, reception and installation of furniture.

From 1750 €*


Choice, purchase, reception and installation of furniture.

Purchase of the crockery kit, bathroom accessories, household kit and small household appliances.

From 2150 €*

(*) Prices excluding furniture, accessories, services of other participants and transport package.



Thanks to an expense file, updated with each purchase, you can follow the progress of the project step by step. 

As we go along, I send you pictures so that you can follow your decoration project as if you were there.


You save time because you don’t have to travel.

time saving = money saving

You save on transport tickets and accommodation costs on site.

You benefit from the work of an expert.


I do not take any commission on your purchases and you reimburse me invoice by invoice as you go along.

A climate of trust is necessary in order to move forward calmly. Invoices are to be reimbursed as they come in.


We communicate by phone or Whatsapp and e-mail during the project. The different phases of the project are as follows:

Quotation and disbursement mandate

After a definition of your project and the visit of the apartment, I propose you a quote.

If we agree to work together, there is a signature of the quotation for agreement and the disbursement mandate by email.

This mandate allows me to make purchases with invoices in your name. 

before furnishing

In case of follow-up of cooling works, this takes place at the beginning of the project before receiving the furniture and purchasing accessories.

I can assist you in this first phase by offering you a site follow-up. Feel free to contact me for a quotation.

List of purchases

The list of purchases is to be defined at the beginning of the project and must be validated by you and possibly by the agency that will rent your property as “furnished”. 

I then develop an expense budget based on this list. 

Investigating and purchasing

In the first part of the service, I do research on the major items (sofa, table, chairs…), present them to you if you wish.
I then place orders for those items with the longest delivery time.
In the second part of the service, in parallel with the reception of the furniture, I buy the accessories: curtains, crockery,…

Reception and installation

I receive the furniture delivered on site at all times, from 8am to 7pm.
As far as furniture assembly is concerned, I work with assemblers proposed by the seller or with a team of assemblers with whom I work regularly.
I am present during the assembly of all the furniture.

Follow-up and photos

As the purchases are made, I keep the purchase tracking file up to date.
Throughout the project you will receive photos of the progress of the project: furniture, accessories, decorated rooms.
Each invoice is sent to you after each purchase. This is to be paid upon receipt by bank transfer.
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