You are en expat and arriving in France.

You just moved into a new home and your family is gradually settling in a new environment. The kids discover their new school. You adapt to a new life, a new environment. Everything is achieved at the expense of numerous efforts, a lot of energy and time.

Decoration works

You start to get to know new people but you still have not finished your move into your new house or apartment. The last small tasks in the decoration process always take the longest to complete because they are not a priority: hanging curtain rods, installing lights, finding accent furniture…

Assistance shopping

You wish to finish your settling in purchases and the last works rapidly, to feel at home and to have more time to do other activities. You need help because you do not want to lose time looking for specific shops. You want to benefit from the help of an expert who will know how to guide you. Catherine Seh, expert in decorating, can guide and accompany you in stores that correspond to your needs. She will offer you her shopping assistance. You will therefore be able to finish your moving in process with serenity and fully enjoy your new life in Paris.


  • first contact by phone
  • visit of your home if necessary
  • creation of a list of stores responding to your needs
  • shopping assistance in stores
  • assistance with French langague if needed in the stores
120 € first hour
90 € second hour
40 € third hour and others
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